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The Taming of the Muse

(Everyone Deserves at Least One Good Delusion)

Mary Hershey, Author, Coach, Soigneur in Training
30 November
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I am a children's author, a coach, and I work part time for the Department of Veteran Affairs. Everything important I learned about the world of work I learned from my first job at Taco Bell, which I still visit regularly. (That may be an understatement.) I was famous for my leakproof burritos.

My first book entitled MY BIG SISTER IS SO BOSSY SHE SAYS YOU CAN'T READ THIS BOOK was published by Random House in 2005. I am hot at work writing the sequel and it will be coming out in the Summer of 2008. Booger Boy is back with a vengeance. I have another novel coming out in March 2007 that also has a realllly long title-- THE ONE WHERE THE KID NEARLY JUMPS TO HIS DEATH AND LANDS IN CALIFORNIA. I honestly can't explain the long titles. They just come that way.

I am a former marathon runner, Army veteran, and I was once worked undercover for Military Police Intelligence. It was a very strange case involving tuppperware, a baby and a guy I better not name so he won't come after me.

I consider the search for the world's perfect chocolate chip cookie my serious spiritual practice. And, since my first book came out, I feel like I've won the Life Lottery. Getting emails from kids is just about the best thing in the world.